Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Midstate drivers offer road commandments

Published: Friday, 06/29/07

Earlier this month, the Catholic Church issued a list of driving commandments to make the motoring world more courteous. Included: Don't use your car to sin or show off, don't drink and drive, and consider praying before you get behind the wheel.

Today, your fellow Nashville drivers have some rules to add when sharing Midstate roads.

Mark Tidman of Hendersonville says that when using Briley Parkway, thou must give a gap and take a gap.

"If you are on Briley, get over in the left lane to allow those on the on-ramp to literally jump into traffic … If you are on the ramp waiting your turn to jump into traffic, by all means, get out there if no one is coming," Tidman said.

From Christine Schaub: inconvenience thyself before inconveniencing others.

"When thou art driving north on Hillsboro, approaching the Hillsboro/Woodmont intersection in Green Hills, and thou suddenly decideth thou must turn left onto Woodmont, thou shalt not cut across two lanes of traffic, blocking them, to wait for an opening. No, no," Schaub said.

And when winter rolls around again, thou shalt not view snow as the end of the earth, says Viv Pocek of Hermitage.

"Just slow down, apply steady braking when necessary and be patient," Pocek said.

Richard Barlow of Nashville wants to see Nashvillians avoid tailgating. Barlow was trying to evade a tailgater on Smith Springs Road last week when the red Tahoe passed him in a no-passing zone and gave him a wave with his middle finger.

All that was bad enough, Barlow said, until he saw why the driver was in a hurry.

"When I got to Smith Springs Road and Old Murfreesboro Road, I saw the driver of the red Tahoe walking into the church there," Barlow said.

To see more responses and add your own, go to Ms. Beep's blog at tennessean.com/traffic.

A holiday note: There is no Music City Star train running downtown for the fireworks Wednesday, but the Metro Transit Authority will be running a Night Owl bus. The buses can be accessed at any MTA stop within the Briley Parkway loop, which hits the following places: Briley, Opry Mills Mall, Elm Hill Pike, Thompson Lane, Woodmont Boulevard, White Bridge Road and Bordeaux.

So if you want to see the fireworks and avoid downtown parking, you can park along that route and hop the bus for $4 (cash or credit card). The last bus will leave Deaderick Street at 10:15 p.m. or 15 minutes after the fireworks are over, whichever comes latest, MTA officials said.

Could you please tell me why the highway signs on I-65 South show Huntsville instead of Birmingham? The last time I looked, Huntsville was not actually on I-65, although there are several exits, and is 20-25 miles in distance from I-65! Thanks.

— Mary Grey Jenkins, Ashland City

Huntsville petitioned for the honor, and the feds decided the city met the threshold as a popular destination and a decent navigational landmark. So even though I-65 doesn't go through Huntsville, per se, that's still the way you'd go to get there.

Once you pass Huntsville, Birmingham is the next city on the sign.

I read with interest your article about (a new X-ray machine at Nashville International Airport that makes screening easier for people with prosthetics). I was wondering if this will also include people who have knee replacements?

I had both knees replaced and get the full screening and pat down every time we fly … if this is also going to apply to those of us with replacements, it will be a much welcomed thing!

— Marsha LaFollette, Mt. Juliet

Only those with prosthetics, casts and braces will be screened using the backscatter X-ray technology in a pilot program at BNA, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz said the current procedure for people who set off the metal detectors — the full screening and a pat-down — still applies.

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